Thursday, May 14, 2015


I have realized I have a lot of fears.  That my fear in so many areas influence my life in HUGE ways.  I know I need to combat my fears with faith.  That even if what I fear happens God is bigger! 

I feel challenged to do something everyday that I fear.  I want to rely on God and not myself.  That is how I can see God work in my life and then be used in the life of others. 

One of my "silly" fears is of my daughter's bearded dragon.  It is like 5 inches long and it scares me like crazy!  I literally run out of the room when she brings it near me.  I have screamed like I was dying if I get surprised by it.  I am not using this as an example of needing faith.  : ). But today I am going to hold this thing..... maybe!  : )


  1. Pray more, my dear. God will hear you anyway and all your fears will disappear. Believe in God and pray.

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