Friday, November 16, 2012

Becoming a 1 Peter Wife

As I was really praying and asking God to mold me into a better wife, I believe He led me to 1 Peter.  As I was reading through this book I wrote down 6 things that I am going to work on and pray that the Holy Spirit will change in me.  These are taken from 1 Peter 2:23 - 4:2:

1.  Respect Matt by my words to him and about him to others.

2.  Do not retaliate with insults when I am hurt.  Leave room for God to work.  Choose to bless instead.

3.  Be quiet and let the Holy Spirit do His job.  I only get in the way.

4.  Do not fear what decisions Matt might make, trust in the Lord to take care of me and our children.

5.  Pray for a gentle and quiet spirit.  That I would have a tender heart towards Matt and a humble attitude.

6.  Seek to be a peacemaker within our family and not to just have my way.  Seek not my own desires but God's will.

I will let ya'll know how this not only changes me but my family as well!  : )

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