Sunday, October 6, 2013

Attitude Change

This has been such an amazing wonderful week.  And it isn't cuz I feel better.  Actually I have been sick and my husband thinks I have walking pneumonia!  : )  I smile cuz it doesn't matter!  What matters is my attitude change.  Every morning I have woken up with such joy and excitement for my day, even though I can't breathe super great.  God has been so alive and drawing me to Him that how I "feel" is so miner.  Peace has returned to my home and I just want to praise God all day long for His work in me.  I needed severe correction and that I got!  But then I was showered in mercy and grace and love....what a wonderful God we serve!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More than MS

I am glad I got a comment that reminded me that I am more than MS.  It doesn't have to consume my life, my talk, or even my blog!  : )  I will use this blog to update any medical things going on in our family due to MS but as this flare-up settles down I am wanting to continue this blog for more.....not sure for what more yet!  : )

That being said, I do have some "medical" things to update.  The spinal fluid did come back with the MS proteins, so there is no more waiting to make sure I have MS.  It is official!  Because it is official I have to start MS medication.  After researching them....considering their effectiveness, years of research, amount of damage done to liver/kidneys, cost, side effects, etc.,  we have narrowed it down to two.  One is a daily shot injection called Copaxone.  It has been around for over 20 yrs, no damage to liver/kidneys, and has mild flu like side effects.  The second is a monthly IV.  As awful as this sounds I can not remember the starts with a D.  : )  I would go in once a month for 2 hrs and the first hour is for the IV, and then they have to monitor you an hour afterwards because I believe you have some flu like side effects as well.  Now the IV is also twice as effective as the Copaxone, which is another reason I like no daily needles for me! : )  Here is the hangup with the IV.  60% of us will contract a virus in our lifetime called the JC virus.  It just feels like you have a cold, and then the virus lies dormant in your brain.  The medicine in the IV actually causes that virus to "awaken" and that cause serious brain infections and possible death.  So I have taken a blood test to see if I carry this virus.  If I am positive I have will remain on the Copaxone.  If I am negative we will go through the process of starting the IV treatment.  This may take a month or so, so either way as soon as my Copaxone comes in the mail I will begin my daily shots.  I will then have blood tests done every 6 months to check and see if I have the JC virus, since I can still get it in my lifetime.  Sorry if that was confusing!  : )

I want to also add this amazing song to this post.  A sweet friend blessed me with this and I think it is amazing!  : )  I want my trust to know no borders!