Monday, April 8, 2013

Brutal birthdays and answered prayers

My birthday was last month and I was completely dreading it.  Not because of getting far that hasn't bothered me!  : )  It was because it was this time last year that I got my first major MS symptoms (I say major because looking back my husband and I think there were a few minors signs we missed).  My neurologist said that medically they would be calling this permanent in one year....and obviously I know only God has that final say....thankfully!!  But regardless I was still really upset and almost didn't want to acknowledge my birthday at all. 

God was really gracious and with the support of my husband and family and with the busyness of our move my birthday came and went great......well almost!  Three days before my birthday me and the kiddos got into a minor car accident.  So I tell you this not as a "woe is me" but as something almost funny.  Two days after this accident and one day before my birthday I woke up and got dressed and then as I was just putting my shirt on I fell to my knees in extreme pain.  I couldn't move my right arm and pain was shooting down my neck and into my right shoulder.  We were in the middle of our move and I couldn't help or do anything so my mom suggested I go back to the chiro I was seeing last fall for my MS.

Sorry this is getting longer than I had planned!  : )  LONG story short....I had been praying that we would be able to afford me going back to the chiro for adjustments, massage therapy, and acupuncture....things that had REALLY helped me deal with my pain.  That is one reason we moved and downsized our home.  BUT because of this accident my car insurance is paying for my treatment with NO co-pays or without raising our premiums.  : )  WOOHOO! 

What is funny is that it was right around my birthday again this I am kinda wondering what craziness I will encounter next March?!  And in case you are wondering....all the kiddos are seeing the chiro as well for some minor adjustments, but are doing great and should have no lasting injuries.  : )


  1. :) Happy Belated Birthday & glad to hear everyone is OK after the accident. Marcus had adjustments at a chiro too & gets frequent massages. My cousin is a licensed massage therapist, so she does them for him because she has a passion for helping people. She is going to be a frequent contributing author on my blog & will be doing a series of "MS & Massage" related posts. She is planning on doing a few posts with tips for at-home massages that will benefit MS patients, maybe you could have your husband help you administer them & she is going to post "affordable" options to look into because Massages can get pricey. You will have to watch out for them on my blog, I think she is working on one of her introductory posts, they are all going to be very informative & in our opinion, beneficial to MS patients. She & I think massage is big in dealing with pain management. :) Hopefully, you will benefit from her posts too.

  2. That is awesome! You are right...massages are super pricey...BUT they are worth it if you can afford them! : ) I will definitely be checking out your blog and eating up all her advice...I really like to learn from others.

  3. :) really my entire blog is meant to inspire & help others. Her massage posts will be on mondays. "massage mondays" lol. yes, they are worth it when u have the money (otherwise she wouldnt have a massage job lol), but most of my readers are on really tight budgets