Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sorry and Thank You

I just had to write a little post to say sorry and thank you.  I need to apologize for my attitude the past few months.  I haven't posted so this really is for my friends and family here and I have already apologized to many of them in person.  But, I still felt that I should just blog it also as a way to remind myself of where my heart was this summer. 

I really became bitter this summer over many things...where we lived, not feeling well, etc.  I took my eyes off Christ and focused them completely on myself.  So this is where the thank you comes in.  I am so thankful for my close friends and family who didn't give up on me.  They still called me and checked in on me.  I am very grateful and as they days/months go by, I am excited to see what plans God has for our family here or wherever he leads us!  : ) 


  1. So many of us have struggled with our attitudes but I think it's part of the human condition and we just have to press on in faith.

  2. And thankfully we have the Holy Spirit with the power to change our attitudes! : )