Sunday, October 6, 2013

Attitude Change

This has been such an amazing wonderful week.  And it isn't cuz I feel better.  Actually I have been sick and my husband thinks I have walking pneumonia!  : )  I smile cuz it doesn't matter!  What matters is my attitude change.  Every morning I have woken up with such joy and excitement for my day, even though I can't breathe super great.  God has been so alive and drawing me to Him that how I "feel" is so miner.  Peace has returned to my home and I just want to praise God all day long for His work in me.  I needed severe correction and that I got!  But then I was showered in mercy and grace and love....what a wonderful God we serve!


  1. Attitude really does make a difference. If you start WANTING to make changes, it will help & you will start feeling better.

    My best tips for you:

    1. Exercise: No matter how bad you feel or how fatigued you feel- Exercise (even just walking) HELPS. It may be painful, but it DOES get easier. EVERY MS PATIENT I have ever read about feels better with exercise. As silly as it sounds, it even helps with fatigue.

    2. FOOD- See if the food you are eating is affecting your MS symptoms. For Marcus, when he doesn't eat healthy food- it affects his symptoms. Just keep a food journal or something. Eliminate everything unhealthy for about a week, see if you are feeling better. Then, introduce something that is processed or greasy or whatever- see how you feel.

    3. REDUCE STRESS- I know it is hard, but the less YOU STRESS, the BETTER you will feel.

    4. ORGANIZE- The easier it is for you to find things, the less you have to THINK. MS patients tend to think differently and organization is a key part in reducing that.

    5. Routine- This is a BIG one. Again, the less you have to think about----the better you will feel. Have a STRICT routine and you probably will start to feel better.

    6. Massage- THIS ONE can be expensive, but you can ask for gift certificates for gifts or use to reward yourself. Also, on my blog, there are the "Massage Posts" written by Marcus' massage therapists that maybe your husband could do for you or a close friend? Massage has a lot of benefits for pain relief with MS. It is a natural way to help manage that pain and it definitely helps with muscle stiffness, or the 'drop leg' that often comes with MS.

    Hope this helps...

    Ila @

  2. This was super encouraging because I have been ALL of these things! I was telling my husband that it is neat to know another family who believes and has seen these things make a difference. : ) It was hard finding an exercise routine I enjoyed at first because I really loved running but it hurts to wear tennis shoes. I am now, though, thinking I want to TRY to run again...probably not a half marathon, but maybe some 5ks? I found riding my bike, doing the 10 minute trainers by Tony Horton (I can do 1 or more depending on how I feel that day), swimming, and especially yoga work well for me. For food, I have been seeing a functional medicine (natural) doctor and he has found out that I am gluten sensitive. A great book I picked up was "Minding my Mitochondria" by Dr Terry Wahls. She has MS and learned TONS about food, is wonderful. Organizing and routines are my passions and gifts so they were the easiest for me! : ) The hardest was the reduce stress part. We have 5 kiddos so there is a natural amount of stress but I found out I was busier than I really needed, but it was hard to let go of things. I have to remind myself that when I have good days, it doesn't mean run run run! We have recently found a really good massage therapist who is VERY reasonably priced and I have been seeing her almost weekly and you are right it is SO beneficial. Even just mentally....I look so forward to those days! : ) The only other thing I do is see a chiropractor. He does more of stretching with me not the hard cracking stuff. Thank you for sharing!