Saturday, February 23, 2013


This blog was meant to be a reminder to me, and hopefully as my children got older to them also, about all that God is doing.....but along the way I started to think that if everything I wrote wasn't "right" I shouldn't blog it.  See, I can be a perfectionist of myself.  But how silly is that?!  Of course I am going to be wrong....LOTS!  So once again I am back writing and sharing and making mistakes, but still pressing on so that I remember who God is and all that he is doing in me.  : )

I guess as an update I should say that I am still in this first flare up.  I have had more MRI's (2 spinal) and they do not show anymore inflammations, which is good.  So, my neurologist thinks that this one could be permanent.  Obviously I know that the Lord has the final say, but as crazy as this sounds, I have almost stopped praying for healing.  Not exactly sure why?  Maybe I have realized that my struggle might not be believing God can heal, cuz I do, but maybe I need to learn that through pain and through suffering God is enough to not only get me thru the day but bring me joy and peace.  For me, that truth is the hardest!

Mentally, I have been tired....really tired.  Some days I just want to stay in bed under the covers and sleep until this pain goes away.  It is a challenge daily to take all thoughts captive and give them to Christ.  I know that our Saviour calls us to come to him for rest and that promise is one I cling to.

As I push on towards the goal of eternity I am thankful that I am never alone and that there is always grace for me as I make mistakes, and while on this earth,  am never perfect!    

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