Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Life Lessons

I am going to write the different things I am learning and/or doing in my life.  Some may be about MS and some won't.  As I have been reminded again lately....I am not defined by my MS.  It is not who I am!  : )  Some things I write might be from what God is teaching me during my quiet times, my devotional book, or a recent sermon.  If ya'll ever want to know more about what I am learning just message me and I will give you exactly where it is from so you can dig deeper on your own.

Today my lesson is on jealousy and grace.  I am jealous that other people I know are not sick.  That sounds awful but it is true.  Right now I am looking for easy and that "seems" easier.  BUT God isn't letting me stay there.  I am learning that His Grace will be there for me and that I need to be on my knees more asking Him to change my heart and my mind.  I need eyes to see past this and know that He is working on my behalf right now. 

(1 Peter 5:10)  I am thankful that through this suffering (some caused by my own actions) that God will form me into who I am supposed to be! 

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