Thursday, May 1, 2014

Big Move!

So we made the move back to Texas last week!  : )  MANY  factors went into this decision.  One major reason was my MS.  We always knew that we wanted to move back here once we retired...that we wanted to "finish" here.  We thought it would be after the kids all graduated high school.  A little back husband and I were both in the Marine Corps (me for four years and my husband for 8) and have moved 10 times since we have been married and each of us moved 4 times before that!!!!  I have been a stay at home mom since I have been out of the Corps and my husband has a job that is very mobile.  We have always LOVED moving and were living in Iowa by my parents for the last three years.  We thought we would stay there (we do have choices with my husband's job), but that all changed once I was diagnosed. 

One of the hardest things for me about living in Iowa was the winter.  Shoes really really hurt my feet.  The first winter of MS I wore nothing but flip flops....that didn't turn out well for my feet either!  I got infections in my toe nails and a few times I thought I got frost bite!  : )  Sooooo my doctor told me not to do that again this past winter! heh heh  It was one of the coldest and longest winters Iowa had seen in years.  Schools were closed because of cold NOT snow!  Needless to say I had to wear shoes a lot.  This made my feet hurt so bad that I ended up not leaving my house unless it was completely necessary.  I am very social so that was mentally and emotionally very difficult.  : (

Matt and I started thinking that maybe we needed to move back to Texas earlier that we had planned.  We started praying about it and God just opened every door and FAST!  We got the first job Matt inquired about and sold our house in one day!  : )  The move itself has been exhausting!  With the help of friends and family we packed ourselves up, drove two moving trucks and one van 1150 miles, and are in the process now of unpacking...all in the last two weeks!  : ) 

It is great to be back here and to feel "settled."  We do not plan/want to move again....even though my family thinks we will based on all our other moves!  heh heh  Another little side note...we lived in Texas about 2 1/2 years before me moved to Iowa.  We loved Texas then too, but really felt God calling us to move back around family.  We are so glad we did!  We got to be a home for my brother when he needed it, Matt was able to "officiate" my uncle's funeral, and my children were able to bond with grandparents and spend the night at their house at least once a week.  : ) 

I am going to have to make some big medical decisions because my neurologist here gave me some ideas that I think are valid.....I will blog more about that later....


  1. That is amazing, the fast selling house and a new job opportunity. God is so good. Looking forward to your new posts! Have a blessed and happy Mother's Day.


  2. So thankful how God clearly showed you that He wanted ya'll in Texas! Praying for clarity in the decisions ahead! Love you guys! Your sister in law : ) Melissa