Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Phase 1

We are going to start making some changes in our family.  I know some of these will be met with resistance and might be harder for my children since they are older...BUT I know that this is important and worth the effort.  What I am learning and applying with not only help my children but my grandchildren as well.  It is about making changes that positively effect future generations.  I will effect them in some way...either good or bad...ever decision I make does, so I want to make good choices to help them not hurt them. 

I listened to this great podcast with "Katie the Wellness Mama" and decided to use some of her ideas in my family.  Right now, in this post, the changes I am talking about is "how" we eat our food.  We are going to start implement Phase 1.  Here is what our phase 1 is going to look like:

1.  We will eat at least breakfast and dinner together.  (Since it is summer most of us with have lunch together as well.)

2.  We will have ONE meal and that meal will be served family style.  (Food in center of table.)  That is all the food that will be offered.

3.  Our motto is try, try again.  They only have to try one bite of all that is offered and then can eat what they prefer BUT each time a food is offered, even if they didn't like it last time, they will try it again.

4.  No negative comments about any food served. 

5.  Food is fuel.  It is not comfort, a reward, or used as discipline.  Our kids are going to learn what foods help or hurt their body so that they can make wise choices when we are not around.

I know this all seems like a no brainer, but this is where we are starting.  I want to reach their heart and minds as we are nurturing their bodies with all the great food God has given us. 

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