Friday, September 21, 2012

A Few Updates : )

This is going to be a short little post about some medical things.  One, not sure if I mentioned this before, but I am only going gluten free right now.  I lasted one week of both gluten and dairy free and by the end I was VERY hungry!  : ) 

I also have my follow-up brain MRI on Oct 3rd.  This is to see if I have any MS lesions in my obviously I am hoping for a clear picture!  This is also the day I get to go crazy with gluten.  Olive Garden, Panera,  Texas Roadhouse rolls, pizza (with gluten) I come!!!

Also mentally I feel spent.  I know I have only been dealing with this for about 6 months and this is NOTHING compared to others, but I feel forgotten by God.  If ya'll wanna know the truth, I am starting to feel like this is exactly what I deserve.  That because of the sin in my life, how could I possibly expect anything else.  I KNOW I sound ridiculous, but like I said this is my "feelings."

This isn't to be mean, but please no one make a comment to this post.  I don't want any Christian "pick me ups."  : )  I am just at a low and I know eventually God will pull me up.

What I really want though is a friend.  I know I have friends here but I mean someone who I literally see.  Not someone I talk to on the phone, or email, or text, or facebook....someone who makes time to see me face to face.  I know, I know, I am soooo old school!  : )

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