Friday, May 18, 2012

San Antonio

Finally I am going back to visit Texas...the best state ever!  : )  Ok, I know that will start some trouble but I thought it would be funny to say!  I am getting to go on a last minute trip to SA to visit some dear friends.  How awesome is that right?!  I am very excited and thankful to Matt,  who bought me this ticket, and my friend Bekah who is taking care of the kiddos.  Side note, Bekah is a single 23 year old who has very little babysitting experience.....can we say "birth control."  She will never want kids after next week!  : )  So I have a confession....I am struggling a little with this trip.  Once again it is the "what ifs."  What if I get sick because of the heat?  What if it is hard to leave like it was last time?  What if my friends don't like this "new" me?  These are all so ridiculous I know!  I was telling my father-in-law my "what ifs" and he had a very wise answer for me.  He said you are inward about being more outward focused.  You (me) need to go there wanting to serve others not worried about yourself.  That is why I love that man....he has great advice!  

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