Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mile 2!

So...I ran 2 miles today!!!  Kinda humbling to realize that about 5 weeks ago I ran 10 miles and was so excited and now I am excited for 2.  : ) I have realized I have not updated on how I am feeling / doing.  So here it is:  My doctor upped my meds so I take quite a bit of Gabapentin every day.  It is actually a seizure medicine used for epilepsy but it also works for dulling nerve pain.  So there is no more burning and I can walk!  : )  I still have the numbness and tingling and also the hot flashes if I am walking too much.  There are also some side effects...I am wobbly and a little dizzy, my hands shake which make it somewhat difficult to type correctly (the backspace button has become my best friend), I feel a little like I am going to throw up all day, and I can't talk well.  What I mean by talking well is I say the wrong vowels a lot...like "kids get on the van" or "you dropped something out of your picket," I also can't say the word I want...it is in my head but won't come out of my mouth or I can't think of the word I want to say at all.  As you can imagine my family is having fun with this!!  : )  I can also get a little foggy and delayed in my reflexes so I try not to drive to far from home.  BUT...seriously I praise God I can walk...the other things don't matter!  : )  Also my Dr. called yesterday and gave me the go ahead with the marathon...he said just take it slow and stay hydrated!  I was VERY excited to hear that....even though I think I would of gone anyway...don't tell my mom that!  : )  Here is something I wanted to share that I read in my devotions today.  I am reading in Judges and it is about Samson, who I know many of you know the story.  The part I want to share, though, is before he was born.  So the angel of the Lord appeared to Samson's mother who they call Manoah's wife (Samson's dad).  He tells her she is going to have a son and gives her the directions for raising him.  Then she tells her husband what happened and he believes her which is so cool because remember how the disciples didn't believe the women who told them Jesus had risen.  So anyway he then prays to the Lord saying "Lord, please let the man of God come back to us again and give us more instructions about this son who is to be born."  He wanted more!  More wisdom in raising his son.  I just stopped and prayed, "Lord I want more...more wisdom in being a wife, mother, daughter, friend."  I always want to want more of God, more of His wisdom!  Ok, then the angel does come back and gives them more instructions and they want to prepare a goat for him to eat and he says I will not eat it but instead ya'll (ok, maybe he didn't say ya'll) may prepare it for a burnt offering as a sacrifice to the Lord.  Then it says Manoah didnt' realize it was the angel of the Lord and asked the angel his name.  The angel replies, "Why do you ask my name?  It is too wonderful for you to understand."  Then as they are offering their sacrifice the angel of Lord ascends up to heaven in the fire and the couple realized they had seen God.  So here is what I think is so awesome....we know our God's name!  We don't have to ask!  We can talk to him anytime...we don't have to wait around.  Do I fully understand the blessing I have to have my bible, to know my God, to be able to talk to him without any priest, to have HIS SPIRIT, God himself living in me?!  How cool is that?!?!  : )

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