Sunday, April 29, 2012

I did it!!

WOOHOO!  I did it!  Did what?  I ran 1 mile!! big deal, right?!  Well for me it is.  : )  As you may or may not know....before I got sick I was training for a 1/2 marathon.  About 3 weeks ago I gave it up....I thought there is no way I can run this....and everyone around me agreed.  BUT, I don't believe that was God's plan.  So last Sunday, at our small group, we were all praying and no joke I hear this small voice tell me, "Run the marathon."  What?!?!  See, from the beginning I knew I needed God's strength to make it across that finish line.  I had not run in probably 12 years!  But every time I wanted to quit, I would remember why I was running....I was running to gain self control (in all areas of my life) and to not give up on my parenting (it was a little crazy in my house at that time).  It is not any different now, but yet it is.  Now, there is NO way I can cross that finish line without God.  ALL the odds are stacked up against me.....pain in my feet that can be unbearable, numbness that causes me to be wobbly, feeling vomity (not a word, but I am using it!), I am not supposed to be overheated or stressed, and did I mention I haven't run in like 5 weeks!  (Side note....this totally upsets my mother.....when you get sick you become a little girl again in your mommy's eyes and she becomes the mama bear....I love you mommy!!)  But with God all that doesn't matter......IF it is His will for me to cross that finish line for His glory I will!  : )  So I need lots of prayer....the race is this Saturday, May 5th, in Indianapolis.  We leave Friday morning and get back Saturday evening.  I always thought I would cry when I finished, but now I think I will weep like a baby!  These lyrics keep running through my mind which kind of sums this all up, "I may be weak...but your Spirit's strong in me.  And my flesh may fail...but my God he never will!"

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