Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Life Interrupted

Have you ever been just hit on the head by God?  Like He says, "Wake up!  I am talking to you!"  That happened to me today....

To really understand my day you need to know that I have been in kind of a dark place the past couple of days.  I have been pretty much complaining and feeling sorry for myself.  I guess you could say that I have been tired.  Tired of my feet/legs hurting...tired of not getting a good nights sleep...tired of taking pills...tired of not being able to run like I want...just tired of being sick.  I am not proud of this but it is the truth.

So back to today.  I just started this bible study this morning...."Jonah...Navigating a Life Interrupted, by Priscilla Shirer"....and we are sitting there watching the first session.  Let me tell you it was like it was just for me.  The first question she asked was, "How has your life been interrupted lately?"  Well no brainer for me to answer that question!  : )  But as this video went on I realized what a brat I have been.  So here is what I believe God hit me over the head with today:

1.  That God has a right to "interrupt" my life whenever He sees fit and I have a choice to act like a martyr, be a complainer, or yield when I hear his voice.

2.  That just hearing His voice at all is a privilege.  The interrupted like is a privileged life even if it is frustrating or embarrassing or even physically painful.

3.  God has kingdom plans for me and that by being sick He has allowed me to be apart of them.  Another way to look at it is "Divine Intervention NOT God Interrupting."

4.  If I run (like Jonah, who was the only prophet to do this) and do not follow through than I am saying my way is more important than God's way.  Side note:  Did you know that one of the greatest revivals in history (Nineveh) occurred because of one man finally being obedient?  AND that Jonah's life only really became significant after this "interruption" from God.

5.  It is easier when God wants us to advise others than when God wants us to go.  When He does say go (interrupts) do I really say "I got it" and mean it or do I just look the part.  Let's be real hear....if you have been a Christian for awhile you can fake it.  You can say all the Christian things and quote the verses until either you are interrupted yourself or that interruption gets a little bit harder.  Then you have to decide if you are going to surrender it all to the Lord.

6.  BUT if you do surrender...fully in...then your life...my life...will be an unbelievable story pointing the way to our Lord Jesus Christ.

So here are the questions I was asked today and that I am asking you.  What situation in your life are you trying to run from?  Who are the Ninevites in your life God wants you to witness to?  When God interrupts will you yield?

Today was a great wake up / reminder that God has a plan for me and that He hasn't left me or ever will!  That no matter how painful this gets or however long it lasts that this is a privilege and as I keep surrendering to Him, He will continue to use me in His plans even if I don't know what they are or even see them this side of heaven.

"Lord, forgive me once agian for my complaining attitude.  Use me like you did Jonah.  I want to point others to you even if I have to be in pain every day to do so.  Help me because I am weak.  Amen."

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