Sunday, June 24, 2012

Medical Update

This is just a little update on me medically.  I had another spinal MRI on June 15th to see why I was still in pain and not getting any better.  On June 19th (my daddy's birthday!) I went to get my here they are:

1.  The spot in my spine that caused this flareup looks good.  It is still visible (maybe it always will be?) but it is not inflammed.  That is good because the steroids did their job at the beginning. 

2.  Why am I still in pain?  There is possible severe nerve damage at the spot. 

3.  What does that mean?  Well, this could be permanent.  So I asked, "How long until you would medically call it permanent?"  Answer..."One year."  So basically, the longer I go without healing the higher the chances that this is permanent.  But of course we know God can do His healing whenever He pleases!  : )

4.  To help with this pain I am upping the dose of one med and adding we will see!

5.  There was another iffy spot on my spine they saw.  This could be the start of another flareup.  I am to call him if I have anymore symptoms that last more than a day.

6.  Here comes the hard part...for me at least.  Now that the other spot is there and this flareup has not gone away I can technically start MS medicine.  (The other meds I take are not for MS but for the pain).  So no big deal right?  Well.....the medicine for MS does not come in pill form.  I will have to give myself shots!  Anyone who knows me knows why this is VERY hard for me.  Let me just say that I have MANY stories of passing out when it comes to needles or talking about needles or any of that medical stuff....yes I am a wimp!  : )

7.  One side effect of the shots is flu like symptoms.....fever, aches, chills, etc.  So there are daily shots or weekly shots with pros and cons of each.  Daily shots don't go as deep in your leg, so the injection site isn't as sore, and the flu symptoms aren't as severe or last as long each day....but I have to do this every day!  Weekly shots go deeper into the muscle so the injection site is more sore and the flu symptoms last longer and are more severe....but I only have to give a shot once a week. 

8.  I can wait to start this medicine until I have another flareup or if my brain MRI in October shows MS lesions.  Matt and I have decided that I will wait.  So for now there are no needles in this house!  : )

That is pretty much it!!!


  1. Hi, I just wanted to let you that I am enjoying your blog. I added it to my "FOLLOW" list!

    In regards to this post...

    Firstly...I hope you start feeling a little better soon. :) Secondly, there is a MS Modification drug in pill form. Ask your doctor about it to see if it right for you. Marcus [my love with MS] should begin Rebif soon (shots) as his Neurologist doesn't think the pill is a good idea for him. The pills are all newer than the shots, so they aren't AS trusted (by his Dr) as the shots.

    Just thought I'd share that tid-bit. :)

    1. Thank you for the info on the pills....I will have to ask my Dr. about them....not too excited about shots! : ) I also hope that Marcus (your love!) is doing well.

  2. Sounds like you are doing a great job seeking comfort and guidance from our Heavenly Father through prayer and scripture. Remember that God doesn't give struggles to wimps, that you are not alone in your trials-I Corinthians Ch. 10:13 (my paraphrasing). Just by doing this blog makes you a witness to others, thus glorifying are Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What a time to be a witness! Needed now more than ever! I will remember to ask for comfort and healing for you in my daily prayer. God d Bless- Gary Kieffer

    1. Gary...thank you for your prayers and your kind is humbling to think someone who doesn't know me personally would be praying for me! And if I can pray for you or your family in any way please let me know! : )

  3. Love you :) Praying <3 Hugs