Monday, April 23, 2012

Charles Spurgeon

As I was reading a bible study this morning there was a little part of a sermon given by Charles Spurgeon.  I just thought it was great and wanted to share it:  "When the Lord finds a saint whom He loves---loves much---He may spare other men trials and troubles, but He certainly will not this well-loved one.  The more beloved you are the more of the rod you shall have...It is an awful thing to be a favorite of heaven.  It is a thing to be sought after and to be rejoiced in, but remember, to be one of the King's council-chamber is a thing involving such work for faith that flesh and blood might shrink from the painful blessing...Sometimes when we plead for our adverse circumstances to change, God simply makes us content where we are.  Many saints have found riches in poverty, ease in labor, rest in pain, and delight in affliction.  Our Lord can so adapt our minds our circumstances, that the bitter is sweet, and the burden is light."  What is left to say except Amen!

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  1. like. there is no like button here...I didn't realize how convenient that was! God chose well, you will do nothing less than glow of His glory. Praying for your adaptation to be swift.