Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dr. Visit

Here is my medical update from my dr. visit yesterday.  It is kind of a three part thing.  Part one:  My spinal MRI.  He showed me the part on my spine that was inflamed.  He said normally the steroid treatments I received stop the inflammation and within a few days the flare up ends.  But obviously that is not my case.  So, we will wait another week.  If the pain is still there then we will schedule another MRI to make sure the inflammation is gone....if not we have to address that or else the pain will not away.  If there is no inflammation then this flare up has cause severe nerve damage and I am looking at a 6-12 month recovery from this flare up.  Part two:  My brain MRI.  I have a small spot that kind of glows in my brain.  Where it is located could be normal.  So in 6 months I will have another brain MRI to see if this spot has grown or if there are more spots showing.  If so then this is MS and we will start a treatment plan after that.  Part three:  MS.  Since this is one flare up it is not technically MS.  He said 50% of people who have MS will have their 2nd flare up within 2 years.  So we wait.  He told me the commonly attacked places on your body for flares up are your legs, arms, lose of control of your bowels and bladder and blindness.  So I ask if I go blind will I see again?  He said most people regain sight (not always back to the same degree) but as with any flare up with MS there is always the possibility of it being permanent.   So there it medical update.  But like always....God has the final say with me!  : )

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